Bail Bond Laws In Santa Monica

Not many people may realize that each and every county within California, sets its own bail schedule on a yearly basis. Bail amounts may not vary too much, however, each county still holds to this annual ritual. Many other people may not realize that California also has the highest bail amounts of any state in the country. This is why it is very important to only use a professional bail bonds firm such as Santa Monica Bail Bonds.

Bail eligibility can also be at the discretion of a judge, or jailer. What this means is, depending on the crime, and what the schedule is in that respective county, bail can be denied. There are also certain crimes where bail will not be granted, and not even a great firm such as Santa Monica Bail Bonds can help.

Some Crimes That Will Result In No Bail Being Granted:

  • The crime is punishable by the death penalty

  • Drug crime that attracts a sentence of 10 or more years in prison

  • Violent crime that will result in a maximum penalty of 10+ years in prison

  • Serious flight risk

  • Risk of defendant being a danger to witnesses or jury members

  • Risk of defendant attempting to obstruct the course of justice in any way

  • The defendant has 2 previous felony convictions

Regardless of whether a defendant immediately qualifies for bail, a hearing will still be held in order to ascertain whether bail could be granted. When bail is granted, it is not unusual for it to be set at amount that most people can’t afford on their own. This is where Santa Monica Bail Bonds can help.

The California Department of Insurance, regulates the bail bond industry, and how much a bail bond company can charge for their non refundable fee. In California, the amount of the bail bond fee is 10% of the total amount of bail. In other words, if bail has been set at $40,000, then the bail bond fee will be $4,000. Even though our company can offer a no money down for qualifying clients, this doesn’t mean that we are not going to charge the fee. A payment plan is usually organized, in which a client can pay off the bail bond fee, or even collateral may be asked for that is equal to, or exceeds the amount of the bail itself.

It is highly advised to avoid bail bond companies who advertise low % bail bond fees. Any bail bonds company accepting less than 10%, is breaking the law, and operating illegally. The only time less than 10% is legally allowed to be charged, is if the defendant is a Union Member, Member of the Military, Veteran, or defendants being represented by a private attorney. These people may possibly qualify for an 8% bail bond fee.

So, if you, a family member, or even close friend has been arrested for a crime, and is granted bail, call us straight away on, (310) 496-7586. We avail our services on a 24/7 basis to ensure you can access the assistance you need, right when you need it. Even more valuable information is available on our website.